Study in Sweden – Complete Scholarship Guide 2020-2021

Study in Sweden – Complete Scholarship Guide
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Study in Sweden  Complete Scholarship Guide 2020-2021

Hello guys… okay, so, let’s talk Scholarships.

Today I want to share with you some of the tips that I feel you should have and also I want to talk about my experience and give you guys like the lessons I learned throughout my application process.

So let’s get started.

First Tip for Study In Sweden

Search for a lot of scholarships I mean I know that the Swedish Institute scholarship is amazing and probably the most complete one.

But like my good friend said don’t put all your eggs in the same basket meaning you can apply for scholarships at the university you can apply for scholarships of course.

There are a couple of ones that are offered by the Swedish Institute and they are like private institutions. I don’t know just be creative you can do like a really good search if you spend the time looking for scholarships.

You will find that there are a couple of ones there are probably more than a dozen ones that you can apply to so that’s.


Second Tip for Study In Sweden

Tip number two is spent time like and what I mean by spend time so an application for a scholarship is not something that you should take lightly. Two years ago I did I thought it was something like okay I can probably do it in one day.

I mean how hard can it be, I mean it’s just like write a motivational letter like send your resume but it’s more than that.

My advice here does follow the rules to spend time reading the information online and take your time. I mean you don’t rush through your application it’s something that can change your life if you get the scholarship so take your time.

So by now at this point, you have a list with the scholarships that you know you can apply that you know you cover all the requirements.

My second tip was to take your time basically take your time is a tip that you can apply throughout the entire process not only at specific points.

so okay you have a list now.

Third Tip for Study In Sweden

The third Tip is basically to investigate get all the details that you can from each scholarship so think about it all the scholarships are different scholarships are funded by the government some scholarships are funded by private institutions some scholarships are funded by even like individuals.

So if you think about it, for example, two years ago. I made the mistake of sending me the same motivational letter to all my applications that were a huge mistake.

Please don’t do that and why because if you think about it all the scholarships are different so why would you submit your the same documents to all the scholarship just don’t make any sense at all not at all.

So tailor your application and by tailoring your application I mean understand what they are looking for find those qualities in yourself. It may be some experience maybe you have work experience that it’s that you can relate to the profile that they’re looking for.

 I don’t know the thing is that I feel like everyone has unique experiences everyone has unique qualities and everyone has a unique way of telling his story. They’re giving you the templates and everyone is going to submit the same template.

So if you think about it the difference between a person who gets the scholarship when someone who doesn’t it’s not but it’s not in the documents that they’re submitting its in the story that they are telling.

So if your story aligns with the values that they are looking for and aligns for example with the profile of students that they are looking to fund then that’s already a good application. You already have a good advantage.

So they’re looking for let’s say it says ideal candidates are ambitious young professionals with academic qualification demonstrated work and leadership experience ambition to make a difference.

By working with issues which contribute to a just and sustainable development in their country in a long-term perspective and a clear idea of how to study program in Sweden will benefit their country.

So they’re looking for someone ambitious with academic qualifications to Study in Sweden they’re looking for. Someone with leadership skills they’re looking for someone that wants to make a difference that wants to have a positive impact in the world.

So of course you have you might have an experience where you can relate to this statement so that’s if you translate that idea that you have or that experience or that qualification or that something that makes you unique from your mind to your motivational letter that’s a good start.

So that’s my 13 take-ups on your application and then the fourth one is yeah and so that’s the third tip I actually don’t have a fourth one.

So those three tips for Study in Sweden I feel like they will make your application much stronger.

 I wish you the best of luck to Study in Sweden with your applications and take your time don’t rush it get all the information you need to ask all the questions that you need to us and yeah that’s it so I hope this you can find this useful.

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