1000+ List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers 2020

1000+ List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers 2020
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1000+ List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers 2020

In this Blog Post, we are going to walk you through 1000+ Most Repeated MCQs with Answers which helps you to prepare for the Latest Government Jobs Test and Interviews.

Most Repeated MCQs In NTS With nswer 2020

Most Repeated MCQs With answer 2020

The actual problem starts for students(Job Seekers) after completing Higher Education Degree in Country like Pakistan is to find a perfect Job.Hundreds of Gradutes , Masters, MPhill’s & even PHD’s are distressed because of non availability of Jobs in the market.

Kinds of Jobs Availbale in Pakistan

  1. Government JObs/Public Sectors
  2. Private Jobs
  3. Project Based Jobs

We cannot give you any job here. But we can help you in differnet aspects. Our Moto is to provide the best resources which help you out to success in Job Entry Exams.  In this Article I will walk you through the List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers of 2020. 

TIPS: Try to prepare al the given MCQs for any job test conducted by NTS, OTS, PTS, CTS.

Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers 2020

  1. Whayt is the old name of Muzaffargahd?
    A: Khan Gadh
  2. What is the old name of Mangchar?
    A: Khaliq Abad
  3. Old name of Karachi?
    A: Kolachi
  4. Old name of Lahore is?
    A: MehmoodPur
  5. Old name of Faisalabad is?
    A: LayalPur
  6. Old name of Hydrabad is?
    A: Neeron Kot
  7. Old name of Quetta is?
    A: Sialkot
  8. Old name of Sakkhar is?
    A: Sakkar
  9. Old name of Attock is?
    A: Kambepur
  10. Old name of Raqwalpindi is?
    A: Ghazni Pur
  11. Old name of Jaikababad is?
    A: Khan Garh
  12. Old name of gujranwala is?
    A: Khan Pur
  13. Old name of Xhob is?
    A: Fort Sandeman
  14. Old name of Ziyarat is?
    A: Goski
  15. Old name of Sialkot?
    A: Saloan Kot
  16. Old name of Peshawar?
    A: Parshapur
  17. Old name of Swat?
    A: Rotiana
  18. Old name of Dera Murad Jaamali?
    A: Temple Dera
  19. Study of medicine manufacturing is called ?
    A: Pharmacy
  20. Bones n Human Body?
    A: 206
  21. 72 December is the assiniated date of?
    A: Benazir Bhutto
  22. Indian Pm name is?
    A: Narindar Modi
  23. Capital of Morocco is?
    A: Rbat
  24. How many rivers flow in Sindh Province?
    A: Five
  25. How many rives flow in Sindh Province?
    A: Four
  26. How many rives flow in Balochistan Province?
  27. How many rivers flow in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPKK Province?
    A: Eight
  28. How many rives are present in Pkistan?
    A: There are 24 rivers present inPakistan.
  29. Where Jehlum and Chenab rivers meet?
    A: Trimmer
  30. Where all rivers of Punjab enter into Indus?
    A: Kot Mitthan
  31. Indus River is also known as?
    A: Abuse River, Attock River, Skardu River
  32. Name the largest river of Pakistan?
    A: River Indus
  33. Which is the smallest river of Pakistan?
    A: Ravi
  34. Which is the longestriver in the Sub-Continent?
    A: Brahmaputra
  35. Name the most pollutes river of Pakistan?
    A: Ravi
  36. Harrapa City is situated on the Bank of?
    A: Ravi River
  37. Name the river of Pakistan whose annual flow is twice that of the Nile?
    A:  Indus
  38. From ehere the Indus River rises?
    A: Tibet
  39. Where the Indus River ends?
    A: Arabian Sea
  40. Most of the Country rivers flow into?
    A: Indus
  41. The whole Agriculture of Pakistan depends on the water of which river?
    A: Indus,Kabul,Chenab
  42. The Bari Doad Channel originates from the river?
    A: Ravi
  43. Into which the kabul River falls?
    A: Indus
  44. Name the tributaries of the Indus in the Punjab Region?
    A: Indus, Kabul, Chenab
  45. Which of the following rivers is called “Nile of Pakistan”?
    A: Indus
  46. Which is the biggest Library in the World?
    A: Library of Congress
  47. Ocean which  has the biggest commercial activity in the World is?
    A: Atlantic Ocean
  48. Which is the most recent state to join the USA?
    A: Hawaii
  49. Which is the rainest spot in the World?
    A: Mawsynram
  50. Which province of Afganistan is the biggest opium producer?
    A: Helman
  51. Panjkora River is located in the province of?
    A: KPK
  52.  Bolan River is Located in theprovince of?
    A:  Balochistan
  53. Baran River is located in the province of?
    A: Sindh
  54. Dast River is located in the Province of?
    A: Balochistan
  55. Porali River is located in the Province of?
    A: Balochistan
  56. Gomal and Kuram River are in the province of?
    A; Khyber Pakhtunkwa KPK
  57. Rukshan river flows in the Province of?
    A: Balochistan
  58. Whatis the total length of Jehlum River?
    A: 725Km
  59. What is the total length of Indus River?
    A: 2900Km
  60. Russia attack in Afganistan?
    A: December 1079
  61. Russia went back from Afganistan?
    A: February 1089
  62. Device of name in which charge Store?
    A: Capacitor
  63. Charge on Electron is?
    A: -ve Charge
  64. Water has ratio of Hydrogen & Oxygen?
    A: 2:1
  65. . The longest river in the world is the?
    A: Nile
  66. Daily wages of a worker is 200 increased by 10%?
    A: 220
  67. Who was the cartoonist who created Batman?
    A: Bob Kane
  68. An auger bit is used to drill what type of material?
    A: Wood
  69. Sir John Marshal ordered digging of Moen jo Daro in?
    A: 1922
  70. Charge on Neutron?
    A: Neutral
  71. In which city biggest Square Tiananmen is sitauted?
    A: Beijing China
  72. HIghest Town Wenchuan is hotel at the altitude of 51400mtr?
    A: China
  73. MGM Grand hotel is largest hotel with 5005 rooms is in?
    A: State  of Nevada USA
  74. Name of the Couintry with busiest airlines system?
    A: United State of America USA
  75. Who is the chairman of the Senate of Pakistan?
    A: Sadiq Sanjrani
  76. Income tax rate is 10% if tax deducted is 1500 what will be the income?
    A: 15000
  77. Second prime minister of Pakistan?
    A: Nazim-ud-Din
  78. Evolution means?
    A: Continuous
  79. Dry ice?
    A: Solid Carbon dioxide
  80. Indus Basin Treaty?
    A: 1960
  81. Does Zamzam mean?
    A: Stop flowing
  82. Lat Government general of Pakistan name is?
    A: Ghulam Muhammad
  83. Last Viceroy name was?
    A: Lord Mounbatten
  84. Guardian of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW?
    A: Hazrat Abdul Mutallib as
  85. Hormuz lies between?
    A: The Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf
  86. PM of Iraq?
    A: Adil Abdul-Mahdi
  87. Carrot Is a source of Vitami.
    A: A
  88. Plants gets food from?
    A: Photosynthesis
  89. Animals need to?
    A: Reproduction
  90. Freezing point of water is?
    A: 0 Degree
  91. ECO Countries name are?
    A: Pakistan, Iran & Turkey
  92. The Oldest written language is?
    A: Chinese
  93. Which is the lowest town?
    A: The Israili Settlement of Ein Bokek
  94. Most immigration country is?
    A: USA
  95. Which country has most telephone subscribers?
    A: USA
  96. Country with largest natural Gas Resources?
    A: Russia
  97. Most spoken Language in the worls is?
    A: Chinese
  98. Duration of World War 1?
    A: 19391945 (06 Years)
  99. Death date of Zia-UL-Haq?
    A: August 17, 1988
  100. Who is responsible for Oil exploration in Pakistan?
    A: OGDCL
    A: Indus Water Treaty
  102. Iran revolution was held in year?
    A: 1979 by Ayatullah Imam Khomeini
  103. Mycology is the Study of
    A: Fungi
  104. Electrons revolve around
    A: Nucleus
  105. The country which is the largest producer of tin in the world is?
    A: Malaysia
  106. The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the?
    A: Mississippi
  107. Name the six US states that comprise New England?
    A: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.
  108. . Which musical instrument is played by both exhaling and inhaling?
    A: Harmonica (or mouth organ).
  109. Which nun won the Nobel prize for peace in 1979?
    A: Mother Teresa.
  110. Which nun won the Nobel prize for peace in 1979?
    A: Mother Teresa
  111. Montague Chelmsford reforms?
    A: 1919
  112. On which river does Berlin stand?
    A: River Spree
  113. Lloyd Muhammaden authored by?
    A: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  114. Pencil
    A: Graphite
  115. Location of genes in body.
    A: DNA
  116. KPK was constituted to become a province by British in-
    A: 1946
  117. Charge is store iN.
    A: Capacitor
  118. A men purchase book of 440 and sold in 400?
    A: Loss 40
  119. Current flow means?
    A: Flow of electron
  120. What type of gas in the electric bulb?
    A: Argon, neon etc
  121. What is freezing point of Water?
    A: 0C
  122. When Muslim league comes into being?
  123. The first president of Pakistan Muslim League?
    A: Khaliquzzaman (1949)
  124. Which melts at room temperature?
    A: Mercury
  125. What is Soap?
    A: Salt
  126. If 45% students fail and 550 passes total number of students?
    A: 1000
  127. Who is Saudia King?
    A: Salman
  128. Second government general of PAKISTAN?
    A: Namzimudin
  129. Who put martial law in 1977?
    A: Zia ul Haq
  130. Who abrogated constitution in 1958 and put martial law?
    A: Sikandar Mirza
  131. Who is chancellor of Germany?
    A: Angela Markel
  132. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAAW  daughters?
    A: 04
  133. Rats and mice killed by rotten decide 16 men complete work in 10 days how much days required completing work by 8 men?
    A: 20 days.
  134. After one unit in 1955 who become Chief Minister of West Pakistan?
    A: Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
  135. Simon Commission report in the year of?
    A: 1930List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers
  136. Capital change to Delhi from Calcutta in?
    A: 1911
  137. Sindh separated ?
    A: Govt of India Act 1935
  138. Sheetan ko pebble Kaha marny?
    A: Muzdalifah
  139. ILO Stands for?
    A: International Labour Organization
  140. Kashgar is in?
    A: China
  141. Pakistan and China connect with?
    A: Khunjerab Pass
  142. Who abolished one unit?
    A: Yahya Khan
  143. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre at?
    A: Amritsar, (April-13-1919)
  144. After 1946 election the CM of NWFP?
    A: Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
  145. NWFP became province under british rule in?
    A: 1901
  146. Which is landlocked country?
    A: Nepal
  147. Diamond is the form of?
    A: Carbon
  148. Quran Surah without BISMILLAH?
    A: Surah Tauba
  149. New name of Burma?
    A: Myanmar
  150. Which city was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy until 1865?
    A: Turin
  151. What is a rhinoceros horn made of?
    A: Hair
  152. Ga is the symbol for which element?
    A: Gallium
  153. Which American science-fiction writer wrote Fahrenheit 451?
    A: Ray Bradbury
  154. What calibrated tool was the standard tool for engineers and scientists prior to the invention of the hand-held calculator?A :Slide rule
  155. Sir Syed is buried in?
    A: Ali Garh Muslim University
  156. Asrar-us-Sanadeed was compiled by?
    A: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  157. Shah Waliullah was born in?
    A: Delhi
  158. Original name of Tippu Sultan was?
    A: Nawab Fateh Ali
  159. First war of freedom was fought in 1757 b/w?
    A: Siraju Doullah and Rober Clive
  160. Sheikh Ahmad Sarhindi is known as?
    A: Majaddid Alf Sani
  161. Thickest layer of the earth?
    A: Mantle
  162. Quran Pak completed in?
    A: 23 years
  163. 1st constitution assembly dissolved by?
    A: Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad
  164. 4cm square area?
    A: 16cm2
  165. 3% of 2000?
    A: 60
  166. Death of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)?
    A: 632AD
  167. 8th Amendment in the constitution?
    A: Zia-ul-Haq
  168. The freezing point of water is?
    A: 32f
  169. Lack of Vitamin-A?
    A: Night-Blindness
  170. Conquest of Makkah?
    A: 8th AH
  171. Second governal general of Pakistan is?
    A: Khawaja Muhammad Nazimuddin
  172. Simla deputation presented them emorial infront of viceroy?
    A: Lordminto
  173. Ghurnata and Qurtaba are cities of ?
    A: Spain
  174. In which country did the study of geometry originate ?
    A: Egypt
  175. What is the currency of Turkey?
    A: Lira
  176. What does CMOS stand for in a computer?
    A: Complimentary metalOxide Semi-Conductor
  177. cryptography is the study of ?
    A: Secret Writing
  178. Mohenjadaro is located in?
    A: Sindh
  179. The battle of Plassey was foiught in?
    A: 1757
  180. Who was the Viceroy of India on the eve of the partitoin of Bengal?
    A: Lord Curzon
  181. Arya Smaj was found in?
    A: 1875
  182. Light Year is a Unit of?
    A: Distance
  183. The Capital of Argentina is?
    A: Buenos Aries
  184. The Old Man & The Sea is Writen By ?
    A:  Burmal Hemingway
  185. We ____them yesterday?
    A: Visited
  186. We ____ waiting for two hours?
    A: Have Been
  187. The UNO was found in the year?
    A: 1945
  188. One Horse Power is equal to ?
    A: 746 Watts
  189. The Largest Island of the World is?
    A: Greenland
  190. CPU is Abbrrvation of?
    A: Central Processing Unit
  191. Shakespeare belongs to?
    A: 16th Century England
  192. Lionel Messi is a Famous?
    A: Footballer
  193. One Lahore City in Pakistan and another Lahore City in which Country?
    A: America USA
  194. Bull fighting is the National game of which Country?
    A: Spain
  195. In which Islamic month, first  Wahi wwas decended?
    A: Ramzan-ul-Mubarak
  196. What was the age of Rasool Ullah (PBUH) at the time of First Wahi?
    A: 40 Years 6 Months
  197. Only Sahabi wothout seeing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is?
    A: Awais Karni
  198. Namaz-e-Istiswa is prayer for?
    A: Rain
  199. Largest country in the world?
    A: Russia by area
  200. Thal desert is in?
    A: Punjab
  201. On Judgement day, what will be asked first?
    A: Namaz
  202. National code of Pakistan is?
    A: Pk
  203. Pakistan came into being 27 Ramazan AH?
    A: 1366 AH
  204. Where is grave of Hazrat Adam as?
    A: Sri Lanka
  205. To stay at Arfa is?
    A: Faraz
  206. “Heer Ranjha” sis a love story of?
    A: Punjabi
  207. NATO is abbrevation of?
    A: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  208. nairobi is the Capital of?
    A: Kenya
  209. Riyal is the Currency of ?
    A: Saudi Arabia
  210. HOw Old was the Prophet Muhammad PBUH when His Mother Died?
    A: 06 Years Old
  211. Solve 15*23+42*3=?
    A: 168
  212. (60)2=?*72
    A: 50
  213. If X% of 60=48 then X=?
    A: 80
  214. 840-14+40=?
    A: 100
  215. The Brain centre for the controlling of breathing is in the?
    A: Medulla
  216. A Labour doing heavy work requires?
    A: 3500 Clories Per Day
  217. What is the total area of Balochistan Provice?
    A; 347,190 Sq Km
  218. Mirpur is Fammous City of?
    Azad Kashmir
  219. Who was the first women Governerof State Bank of Pakistan?
    Dr Shamshad Akhtar
  220. Which Country Assist Pakistan in the construction of Sandack Project?
    A: China
  221. When was Liaquat Nehru Pact between India and Pakistan Signed?
    A: 1950
  222. The Kargil Incident happaned in?
    A: 1999
  223. In which year was OIC founded?
    A: 1969
  224. Length of common border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is?
    A: 2252 KM
  225. Which City of Pakitsan held the OIC Conference in 1997?
    A: Islamabad
  226. Identify thelargest cantonment of Pakistan?
    A: Kharian Cantt
  227. What Plants exhale at night?
    A: Carbon Dioxide
  228. Velocity of Soubnd m/s is?
    A: 343
  229. Which Vtamins not stored in human body?
    A: Vitaman C
  230. Lack of Vitamin C create which disease?
    A: Skin Diseases
  231. Which Vitamin helps blood clotting?
    A: Vitamin K
  232. Founder of Muslim Rula in India?
    A: Qutubuddin Abek
  233. Razia Sultana belongs to?
    A: Slave Dynesty
  234. Second Balttle of Panipat  fought between?
    A: Akbar & Himu Bakal
  235. Atock Fort was coonstructed by?
    A: Akbar
  236. Mancher Lake situaed in?
    A: Dadu
  237. Pakistan number among world population?
    A: 6th
  238. Share of Punjab among area of Pakistan?
    A: 25%
  239. Uranium resources found in Pakistan?
    A: DG Khan
  240. Mostly part of Gobi Desert fouund in?
    A: Xinxiang China
  241. AGP Stands for?
    A: Accelerated Graphics Port
  242. Which country is also called “Rainbow Nation”?
    A: Sounth Africa
  243. Largest Artificial Lake in Pakistan?
    A:Khenjhar Lake
  244. The first black president of South Africe was?
    A: Neslosn Mandela
  245. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) address Khutba-e-Juma for the first time in Hijrah?
    A: 1st Hijrah
  246. In which of the following district the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif located?
    A: Matiari
  247. Which place in the worl has the least rainfall?
    A: Africa
  248. The Map of Minar-E-Pakistan made by?
    A: Mr Mirat Khan
  249. Central Color of Rainboq?
    A: Green
  250. Largest Muslim coountry area wise?
    A: Indonesia
  251. Nanga Parbat is the part of?
    A: Himalayas
  252. What is the Old name of Bin Qasim Prt?
    A: Pepri
  253. Total Number of Karbala Matryerds?
    A: 72
  254. Longest River of the World is?
    A: Nile
  255. Largest Sea of the World is?
    A: Sounth China Sea
  256. Largest Costal boundary Country?
    A: Canada
  257. Brazil situated in?
    A: Sounth America
  258. Which Country is Peninsula?
    A: Saudi Arabia
  259. Macmohan line is situated between?
    A: India and China
  260. Whji is David Patrias?
    A: American General in Afganistan
  261. One Meter is eqal to?
    A: 3.28Foot
  262. Caspianmakes the boundasries with?
    A: Iran,Russia, Kazakhastan and Turkimanistan, Azarbaijan
  263. Larghest anency among area in Pakistan?
    A: Sounth Waziristan

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Most Repeated MCQs in NTS 2020

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    Study in Sweden  Complete Scholarship Guide 2020-2021 Hello guys... okay, so, let's talk Scholarships. Today I want to share with you some of the tips that I feel you should have and also I want to talk about my experience and give you guys like the lessons I learned throughout my application process. So let's get started. First Tip for Study In Sweden Search for a lot of scholarships I mean I know that the Swedish Institute scholarship is amazing and probably the most complete one. But like my good friend said don't put all your eggs in the same basket meaning you can at the university you can apply for scholarships of course. There are a couple of ones that are offered by the Swedish Institute and they are like private institutions. I don't know just be creative you can do like a really good search if you spend the time looking for scholarships. You will find that there are a couple of ones there are probably more than a dozen ones that you can apply to so that's. Second Tip for Study In Sweden Tip number two is spent time like and what I mean by spend time so an application for a scholarship is not something that you should take lightly. Two years ago I did I thought it was something like okay I can probably do..

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    Jun 12, 2020
    MEXT Scholarship Guide –…

    Study in Japan 2021  MEXT Scholarship Guide Hi, Readers. In today’s blog post, I want to share with you how you can go to Japan to study at a university for free.  All of this will only possible to an amazing scholarship provided by the Japanese government, It gives an opportunity to foreign students, to obtain a Master’s or Ph.D. Degree in Japan. \ Students have been asked a lot of questions about this scholarship, so I thought today I will write only about that and explain to you what exactly is this program, and when and how do you apply for it. The scholarship is called JAPANESE GOVERNMENT (MEXT)SCHOLARSHIP MEX. There stands for The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), which funds these scholarships. Under this program, the Japanese government will provide you with a monthly scholarship of around 140,000 yen for the whole period of study. It will cover your tuition fees, again for the whole period of your study, and will also pay your travel expenses to and from Japan.   There are a few types of , I think six in total, out of them these two will result in an academic degree: Number one is Undergraduate student scholarship It will provide you with a scholarship for 5 years in total. During your first year, you will take obligatory Japanese language courses which..

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    Jun 12, 2020
    How to Prepare for…

    How to Prepare for Abroad Scholarships?MBA Scholarship 2020 Financing an MBA is a common problem, and not just among those who come from low-income backgrounds. Even if you get into a top MBA program, chances are you’ll not be able to afford it, if you rely only on your personal savings. You’ll have to look at other sources of funding like education loans and scholarships. The problem with loans is the high rate of interest and the long payback period. That’s why scholarships are so popular. It’s free money! Over the years, we have helped tons of applicants get scholarships. Based on our experience, we’ll share how you can maximize your odds of getting scholarships. What Scholarships Are? For that, you’ll first need to understand what scholarships are, how scholarship decisions are taken, and then create a plan for yourself. What are the scholarships? Scholarships are generally discounts on the tuition fee. Which means you are not getting any extra money in your pockets. You’re just spending lesser. The proportion may vary, but it generally applies only to the tuition. You still have to worry about the other costs of studying – like accommodation, food, transportation, books, and study trips. Why do universities offer scholarships? There are two primary reasons why universities offer scholarships. The official (and rather philosophical) reasons to make it is easier for deserving candidates to join..

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    May 18, 2020
    200+ Law Vocabulary Words…

    Lists of Law Vocabulary Words for CSS FPCS PPSC NTS OTS CTS Entry Exams Preparations with Urdu Meaning 200+ Law Vocabulary Words for CSS FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTS. Are you a CSS (Central Superior Service) Aspirant or you are preparing for FPSC Federal Public Sevice Commission Exams or any other Competitive Exams? If you are falling any of the above categories then you can understand how many vocabularies is important for such exams. Aspirants need tons of good English vocabulary words that have not come with any magic or miracle. You need to study hard and prepare. Here is the list of 200+ Law Vocabulory for CSS FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTS Exams Prepareation Acceptance قبولیت Affidavit بیان حلفی Aggrieved party متاثرہ فریق Agreement to Sell اقرار نامہ Alleged مبينہ Amendment ترميم Amicus curiae عدالتی معاون Anti-Terrorist اِنسدادِ دہشت گردی Applicant سائل Arrears of land revenue بقایاجات مالیہ Arbitration Council ثالثی کونسل Attachment/Distraint/Seizure of property in order to obtain payment قرقی Family Law/matrimonial law عائلی قوانین Farmer ID (Holding slips) ختونی Federal Shariat Court وفاقی شرعی عدالت Federation of Pakistan وفاق پاکستان Fiduciary relationship نگہبانی تعلق/امانتی FIR ابتدائ اطلائ رپورٹ Freedom of expression اظہار رائےکی آزادی Freedom of movement نقل و حرکت کی آزادی Fundamental rights بنيادی حقوق Cancellation منسوخی Cancellation/revocation of Power of attornet اِبطال نامہ Case diaries ضمنی Cause of action بناۓ دعوی/ بناۓ نالش Cause List..

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    Apr 29, 2020

    FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Question s is a list of more than 1000+ Questions and Answers for all those students who are preparing for Entry Test. [caption id="attachment_3280" align="alignnone" width="1000"] FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions[/caption] Q1 Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in: (a) April 1950 (b) April 1955 (c) April 1954 (d) April 1952 Q2 When did Liaquat Ali Khan visit the USA? 1948 1949 1950 1952 Q3 Babri Masjid incident was occurred on? 6 December 1987 6 December 1990 6 December 1992 None of the above Q5 Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in: (a) April 1950 (b) April 1955 (c) April 1954 (d) April 1952 Q6 National Vegetable of Pakistan is_____? A: Carrot B: Tomato C: Lady Finger D: All of these Q7 Which is the coldest place in Pakistan? Ayubia Malam Jabba Skardu Nathia gali Q8 Pakistan Purchased GAWADAR from ---- (a) IRAN (b) AFGHANISTAN (c) SRILANKA (d) OMAN Q#1: According to the Referendum , British got votes in favor to leave Brexit. 48.11% 56.87% 63.13% 51.89% Q#2: Who is called "saqi zam zam"? (a) Hazrat Abbas (AS) (b) Hazrat Hamzah (RA) (c) Hazrat  Muaz bin Jabal (RA) (d) Hazrat Muawiyah (RA) Q#3: Who was the first chief justice of Pakistan? Justice Abdur Rasheed Justice Nizam ul..

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    Mar 30, 2020
    Top 150 General Knowledge…

    Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Question and Answer for all competitive Tests like FPSC, NTS, OTS, CTS, etc.  These are the most repeated MCQs Questions. First State to join Pakistan was? Bahawalpur, 1654 Pakistan Opened its first embassy? Iran The first country that open its embassy in Pakistan was? Egypt First Governer of State Bank of Pakistan was? Zahid Hussain First Country who recognized Pakistan was? Iran Who was the first lady federal minister? Vikram Nisa Noor (Tourism Minister) Who was the first Lady Governer? Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1676 Pakistan Cricket Team first visited Country? England Who was the first Pakistan Circlet Team Captain? Abdul Hafeez Kardar First Century by Pakistan Player? Nazar Muhammad Against India in 1954 at Lucknow First, women Univerity is located? Rawalpindi Who was the First Governor of Pakistan? Francis Moody First CM of Punjab was? Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot Who was the First Governor of Sindh? Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah First CM of Sindh was? Ayub Khoro First Governer of Baluchistan was? Lt General Riaz Hussain First CM of Sindh Baluchistan was? Ataullah Mengal First PM of Azad Kashmir was? Abdul Hamid Khan First President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir AJK was? Sardar Ibrahim Khan First Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan was? Frank Miservi First Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee was? General Muhammad Sharif First Chief of..

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    Mar 26, 2020
    50 Most Repeated MCQs…

    50 Most Repeated MCQs in FPSC NTS PPSC Exams about Mughal Empire 50 Most Repeated MCQs in FPSC NTS PPSC Exams about Mughal Empire. A list of Pakistan History Most Repeated MCQs Questions for NTS FPCS PPCS OTS and other Testing Services in Pakistan. Who was the founder of Mughal Empire? Babur was the Founder of Mughal Empire. When  was First Battle of Panipat fought? Panipat Battle was fought in 1526 Who defeated Mewar of Rana Sangha in the Battle of Khanwa(1527)? Babur Who fought against Babur in the Battle of Ghaghra(1529)? Muhammad Lodhi When did Babur died? In 1530 Where is the Tomb of Bab situated? Kabul In the Battle of Dhurai, who is defeated by Humayun? Muhuammad Slodhi Who built City of Dinpannah on tte “Purna Quila” in Gujrat? Humayun Who defeated Humayun in the Battle of Causa? Sheshah Suri 1539 When did Shershah defeated Humayun in the bttle of Kanauj? In 1540 Who is the father of Akbar? Humayun When was Second Battle of Panipat? In the of  1556 Who is defeated in the second battle of Panipat? Hemu is defeated by Akbar Who abolished the religious tax Jaziya? Akbar in the year 1564 When did Akbar captured Gujrat? In the year 1572 Who built the city Fatehpur Sikri (city of Victory)? Akbar Who built Buland Darwaza? Akbar Where is Ibadatkhna situated? Fatehpur Sikri Who is First..

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