Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan

Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan
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Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan

Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Question and Answer for all competitive Tests like FPSC, NTS, OTS, CTS, etc.  These are the most repeated MCQs Questions.

  1. First State to join Pakistan was?
    Bahawalpur, 1654
  2. Pakistan Opened its first embassy?
  3. The first country that open its embassy in Pakistan was?
  4. First Governer of State Bank of Pakistan was?
    Zahid Hussain
  5. First Country who recognized Pakistan was?
  6. Who was the first lady federal minister?
    Vikram Nisa Noor (Tourism Minister)
  7. Who was the first Lady Governer?
    Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1676
  8. Pakistan Cricket Team first visited Country?
  9. Who was the first Pakistan Circlet Team Captain?
    Abdul Hafeez Kardar
  10. First Century by Pakistan Player?
    Nazar Muhammad Against India in 1954 at Lucknow
  11. First, women Univerity is located?
  12. Who was the First Governor of Pakistan?
    Francis Moody
  13. First CM of Punjab was?
    Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot
  14. Who was the First Governor of Sindh?
    Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah
  15. First CM of Sindh was?
    Ayub Khoro
  16. First Governer of Baluchistan was?
    Lt General Riaz Hussain
  17. First CM of Sindh Baluchistan was?
    Ataullah Mengal
  18. First PM of Azad Kashmir was?
    Abdul Hamid Khan
  19. First President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir AJK was?
    Sardar Ibrahim Khan
  20. First Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan was?
    Frank Miservi
  21. First Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee was?
    General Muhammad Sharif
  22. First Chief of Staff of Armed FOrces was?
    General Tikka Khan
  23. First Governor of State Bank of Pakistan was?
    Zahid Hussain
  24. First Daily Newspaper of Pakistan was?
    Amroz 1947
  25. First Lady Pilot was?
    Shukriya Khanum
  26. First Museum of Pakistan established in?
    Karachi 1950
  27. Name of the First Bank was?
    United Bank 7th August 1947
  28. First Agriculture Reforms in Pakistan?
    January 24, 1959
  29. First Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan was?
    Mr. Khan F.M Khan
  30. ElectionCommison of Pakistan was created?
    23 March 1965 under Article 137 of 1956 Constitution
  31. First Muslim Commander in Chief of Pakistan was?
    Ayub Khan
  32. First Radio Station was established?
    Lahore on November 26, 1964
  33. First Lady Major General in Pakistan was?
    Dr. Shahida Malik
  34. Pakistan launched the first Space Satellite was?
  35. First Private TV Channel was launched, and the name was?
    STN Channel launched in 1990
  36. Fist Senate Chairman’s name was?
    Habibullah Khan
  37. First Women Judge of Hig Court name?
    Majida Rizvi
  38. First constructed barrage of Pakistan?
    Sukkar Barrage
  39. First Secretary General of Pakistan was?
    Ch Muhammad Ali
  40. Agro Museum is at?
  41. The first biogas plant was installed in?
  42. First women bank established on?
    December 1, 1989
  43. Badshahi Mosque built-in?
  44. Designation of GG changed into?
    President on23 March 1956
  45. The largest Hockey Stadium of Pakistan is?
    National Hockey Stadium Lahore
  46. First Minority Minister of Pakistan was?
    Joginder Nath Mandal held the Portfolio of Law
  47. First Atomic Reactor established in?
    Islamabad in 1956
  48. Most massive railway tunnel is?
  49. Smallest Dam of Pakistan is?
    Warsak Dam
  50. Most massive Fort of Pakistan?
    Rani Kot
  51. Largest Bank of Pakistan is?
    City Bank
  52. Highest Civil Award of Pakistan is?
  53. The second highest civil award of Pakistan is?
  54. Most massive National Park name is?
    Ayyub Park in Rawalpindi
  55. Most prominent Museum of Pakistan is?
    Lahore Museum
  56. Largest Railway Station of Pakistan is?
    Lahore Station
  57. Highest Pass of Pakistan is?
    Muztag Pass which connect Gilgit to China.

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Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan

Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan

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