FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions

FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions
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FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions

FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Question s is a list of more than 1000+ Questions and Answers for all those students who are preparing for Entry Test.


FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions

Q1 Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:

(a) April 1950

(b) April 1955

(c) April 1954

(d) April 1952

Q2 When did Liaquat Ali Khan visit the USA?

  1. 1948
  2. 1949
  3. 1950
  4. 1952

Q3 Babri Masjid incident was occurred on?

  1. 6 December 1987
  2. 6 December 1990
  3. 6 December 1992
  4. None of the above

Q5 Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:

(a) April 1950

(b) April 1955

(c) April 1954

(d) April 1952

Q6 National Vegetable of Pakistan is_____? A: Carrot

B: Tomato

C: Lady Finger

D: All of these

Q7 Which is the coldest place in Pakistan?

  1. Ayubia
  2. Malam Jabba
  3. Skardu
  4. Nathia gali

Q8 Pakistan Purchased GAWADAR from —-

(a) IRAN



(d) OMAN

Q#1: According to the Referendum , British got votes in favor to leave Brexit.

  1. 48.11%
  2. 56.87%
  3. 63.13%
  4. 51.89%

Q#2: Who is called “saqi zam zam”?

(a) Hazrat Abbas (AS)

(b) Hazrat Hamzah (RA)

(c) Hazrat  Muaz bin Jabal (RA)

(d) Hazrat Muawiyah (RA)

Q#3: Who was the first chief justice of Pakistan?

  1. Justice Abdur Rasheed
  2. Justice Nizam ul Mulk
  3. Justice Haroon Malik Ogra
  4. None

Q#4: The first editor of dawn was?

  1. Pothen Joseph
  2. Altaf Hussain
  3. Desmond Young
  4. Francis

Q#6: Sky News is the news channel of ___.

  1. America
  2. Russia
  3. India
  4. England

Q#7::: Jamrud is called Gateway to ___.

  1. Bolan Pass
  2. Lowari Pass
  3. Khyber Pass
  4. None of these

Q#8: When was the Qiblah changed?

(A) 2nd Hijri

(B) 3rd Hijri

(C) 4th Hijri

(D) 1st Hijri

Q#9:As per agreement on Kartarpur Corridor, How many many Sikhs can travel daily to Gurdwara Kartarpur-Sikhism’s holiest pilgrimage site in Narwal District of Punjab (Pak)?

  1. 3000
  2. 4000
  3. 5000
  4. 6000

FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Repeated Questions

The following are some Questions which is repeated many times in different FPSC NTS OTS and many other entry exams.

  • The battle of Khandaq is also known?
    Battle of Ahzab
  • Conquest of Makkah took place on?
    20 Ramzan
  • Battle in which prophet not participated is know as?
  • Hazrat Hamza was the first commander of?
    Islamic Army
  • Hazrat Bilal R.A was the first slave to?
    Revert to Islam
  • Before Kabah, Prophet S.A.W used to pray towards?
  • Wuzu k kitny faraiz hain?
    4 faraizhain
  • Ghushal k kitny faraiz hain?
    3 faraizhain
  • In Uhd battle Muslim women participated?
  • Battle of Malta was the first?
    Non Arab War
  • The old name of Makkah was?
  • Old name of Medina was?
  • Israel was the laqab of?
    Hazrat Yaqub


  1. World Bank established in?
    Ans: 1944
  2.  Length of Wall of China?
    Ans: 21196km
  3.  Shortest Surah of the Holy Quran?
    Ans: Al-Kausar
  4.  Sunnah means
    actions by Holy Prophet
  5.  Surah without Bismillah?
    Ans: Tauba
  6.  Quaid swear as Governor-General on which date?
    Ans: 15th August
  7.  Who presented the Objective Resolution?
    Ans: Liaqat Ali Khan, 12 March 1949
  8.  Who Wrote Pak National Anthem?
    Ans: Hafeez Jalandhari
  9.  Muslim league established in which year?
    Ans: 1906
  10.  Which Namaz in Rain?
    Ans: Itasca
  11.  In 1930 Allama Iqbal address at which place?
    Ans: Allahabad
  12.  Pakistan resolution passed in which city?
    Ans: Lahore
  13.  Who presented Pak resolution in 1940?
    Ans: AK Fazlulhaq
  14.  First PM of Pakistan?
    Liaqat Ali Khan
  15.  A decimal value of 0.2%?
    Ans: 0.002
  16.  The instrument to measure pressure gases
  17.  Abdul Salam got a noble prize in which year?
    Ans: 1979
  18.  Is bulb made of?
    Ans: Tungsten
  19.  Did Einstein get a Nobel prize in which field?
    Ans: Physics, Biology, Chemistry
  20.  Largest continent of the world?
    Ans: Asia
  21.  Most populous Muslim Country?
    Ans: Indonesia
  22.  China is located in which part of Asia?
    Ans: East Asia
  23.  When Kashmir resolution passed in the UN?
    Ans: 1948
  24.  Olive is the sign of
  25.  Tarbela Dam is on which river?
    Ans: Indus
  26.  State bank established in which year?
    Ans: 1948
  27.  Prophet Mohammad performed Hajj?
    Ans: Once
  28.  A rectangle whose length is four times its width has perimeter 250. It’s the area?
    Ans: Area 2500
  29. Age of voting in Pakistan?
    Ans: 18
  30.  Present constitution adopted in which year
    Ans: 14 Aug 1973
  31.  Pakistan joined in UN on?
    Ans: 30 Sept 1947
  32.  Is Yen the currency of?
    Ans: Japan
  33.  The only country who opposed Pakistan Making?
    Ans: Afghanistan
  34.  which color do not include in rainbow
    Ans: Black
  35.  1st person, to land on Moon?
    Ans: Neil Armstrong
  36. Who is the first president of the USA?
    Ans: George Washington
  37.  Jamia Masjid Delhi made by?
    Ans: Shahjahan

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50+ Questions & Answer about UN United Nations FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation Random Questions

  1. The name UNO was suggested by
    Ans: F. D. Roosevelt
  2. UNO formally came into existence on
    Ans: October 24, 1945
  3. UN day is observed on
    Ans: October 24
  4. UN Flag was adopted on
    Ans: October 20, 1947
  5. Colour of UN Flag
    Ans: Light Blue
  6. Design of UN Flag
    Ans: World map surrounded by two olive branches
  7. UN Emblem was designed by
    Ans: Donal McLaughlin
  8. The Secretary-General of the UN is elected by the General assembly on the recommendation of the
    Ans: Security Council
  9. Headquarters of UNO
    Ans: Manhattan (New York)
  10. The main aim of UNO
    Ans: Peace and Human dignity
  11. Motto of UNO
    Ans: It’s Your World
  12. First General Meeting of UNO was held in
    Ans: London(1946)
  13. The largest subsidiary body of UNO
    Ans: Economic and Social Council
  14. The Constitution of the United Nations Organisation
    Ans: UN Charter
  15. The Preamble of the UN was prepared by
    Ans: Field Marshal Smuts
  16. UN Charter was signed on
    Ans: June 26, 1945
  17. The executive body of the United Nations
    Ans: Security Council
  18. The five permanent members of UNO
    Ans: China, France, Russia, Britain and the USA
  19. Human Rights Declaration made by UNO on
    Ans: December 10, 1948
  20. Human Rights Day is observed on
    Ans: December 10
  21. Number of official languages of UNO
    Ans: 6
  22. Official Languages of UNO
    Ans: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish Working Languages of UNO English and French
  23. The 6th Language Arabic was preferred as the Official Language of UN in
    Ans: 1973
  24. UN Celebrated its Golden Jubilee in
    Ans: 1995
  25. The meeting in which the UN Charter was signed
    Ans: San Francisco
  26. UN Charter came into force on
    Ans: October 24, 1945
  27. The number of countries signed in the UN Charter in its first phase
    Ans: 50
  28. India signed in the UN Charter on
    Ans: October 30,1945
  29. The Indian representative to sign in the UN Charter
    Ans: Ramaswamy Muthaliyar
  30. 51st country to sign in UN Charter
    Ans: Poland
  31. European headquarters of the UN
    Ans: Geneva

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Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan
50 Most Repeated MCQs In FPSC NTS PPSC Exams About Mughal Empire
1000+ List Of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs With Answers 2020

General Knowledge MCQs for Job Preparation

  1. Which from the following is true for “Sound”?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum 

  1. 1 nanometer =?

10-6 meter 

  1. The instrument used for measuring very high temperature is Pyrometer
  2. At a very low temperature which from the following will freeze at last?
  3. Sound waves are longitudinal waves.
  4. The lifespan of White Blood Cells is 5 – 21 day(s).


  1. The nearest planet to the Earth is ___?
  2. Venus 
  3. Mercury
  4. Mars
  5. Moon
  1. In general, Comets have ____ orbits


  1. Elliptical
  2. Highly elliptical
  3. Circular
  4. Parabolic


  1. GPS is an abbreviation for?


  1. Global Poles System
  2. Global PolySiliconium Store
  3. Global Positioning System 
  4. Global Position Structure


  1. Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the ____?


  1. Gain of Electrons
  2. Loss of Electrons 
  3. Gain of Protons


FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Questions About Islam & Pakistan

  1. Babul Islam – Sindh
  2. Foreign minister – Shah Mehmood Qureshi
  3. Capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  4. Coastal Highway is situated in – Balochistan
  5. 1st ever law university of Pakistan – Szabul
  6. Founder of Szabul – Justice(r) Qazi Khalid
  7. The prophet called as the most patience person  –  Hazrat Ayoub
  8. Hazrat Yousaf was the son of – Hazrat Yaqoub
  9. Highest Peak- Mount Everest
  10. Zabur – Hazrat Dawood
  11. Objective Resolution given by – Liaquat Ali khan 1949
  12. First constitution – 1956
  13. AIML  was made by – Mohsin ul Mulk and Waqar ul Mulk
  14. Fall of Dhaka – 1971
  15. Fata merged with Kpk in – 2018
  16. 18th amendment was given by – President Asif Ali Zardari
  17. CJ Sindh – Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh
  18. Partition of Bengal – 1905
  19. The first referendum in Pakistan – 1984 by Zia ul Haque
  20. First Martial law declared by – Iskander Mirza
  21. Last governor and First President – Iskander Mirza
  22. Governor of Sindh – Dr. Imran Ismail
  23. Defence Minister – Pervaiz Khatak
  24. 1st CJ – Sir Abdul Rashid
  25. Current Cj – Asif Saeed Khosa
  26. AIML was made in – 1905
  27. War of Independence – 1857
  28. Main pillars of Islam – 5
  29. CM of KPK- Mehmood Khan
  30. FATA- Federally administrative tribal areas
  31. Karakoram highway is between Pakistan and – China
  32.  IK is – 22nd Pm of Pakistan
  33. CM Punjab – Usman buzzer
  34. Only Hindu country of the world – Nepal
  35. The border between Indo-Pak is called as – LOC
  36. The atom bomb was tested in – Chagi
  37. Kargil was held in – 1999
  38. Statue of Liberty is in – NK USA
  39.  1st noble prize winner of Pakistan – Dr. Abdus Salam
  40. UN was made in- 1945
  41. Khandaq took place in – Madina
  42. Number of Muslims in Battle of Badar – 313
  43. Hazrat Ismail was the Son of -.  Hazrat Abraham
  44.  The first human to reach the moon – Neil Armstrong
  45. The person who is called as Lion of Allah – Maula Ali as
  46. How many daughters and sons of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)- 4 daughters and 3 three sons.
  47.  who knows the language of birds – Hazrat Suleman A.S
  48.  Horse Nane of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) – Qaswa.
  49. Name of the sword of Hazrat Ali A. SZulfiqar
  50. The mouse is a – Input device
  51. The bulb was made by – Thomas Edison
  52.  Microsoft founded by – Bill Gates


General Knowledge Independence Days Of Countries of World

  1.  Pakistan → 14 August 1947
  2.  India → 15 August 1947
  3.  Canada → 1 July 1867
  4.  USA → 4 July 1776
  5.  Swaziland → 6 September 1968
  6.  Nigeria → 1 October 1960
  7.  Austria → 27 April 1945
  8.  Belgium → 4 October 1830
  9.  Bulgaria → 22 September 1908
  10.  Mexico → 16 September 1810
  11.  Niger → 3 August 1960
  12.  Belarus → 25 August 1991
  13.  Peru → 28 July 1821
  14.  Sudan → 1 January 1956
  15.  Somalia → 1 July 1960
  16.  Rwanda → 7 July 1962
  17.  Trinidad → 31 August 1962
  18.  Uruguay → 25 August 1825
  19.  South Africa → 31 May 1934, 1994
  20.  Suriname → 25 November 1975
  21.  Mozambique → 15 June 1975
  22.  Cyrus → 16 August 1960
  23.  Georgia → 9 April 1991
  24.  Cambodia → 9 October 1970
  25.  Brunei → 31 December 1983
  26. Myanmar → 4 January 1948#

The World Largest Informations for FPSC PPSC NTS OTS CTSP Jobs Preparation

  1.  The largest producer of Steel is the USA.
  2.  The largest producer of Sugar in India.
  3.  The largest producer of Tea in India.
  4.  The largest producer of Wheat is the USA.
  5.  The largest producer of Wool is Australia.
  6.  The largest producer of gold in South Africa
  7. The largest producer of silver in Mexico.
  8.  The largest producer of carpet is Iran.
  9.  The largest producer of cheese in the USA.
  10.  The largest producer of cotton in the USA.
  11.  The largest producer of Jute in Bangladesh.
  12.  The largest producer of Rice in China.
  13.  The largest producer of Silk in China.
  14.  The largest producer of oil is Saudi Arabia.
  15. The largest producer of coffee Brazil.
  16.  The largest producer of tin in Malaysia.
  17.  What is the worlds largest food company-
  18. Nestle
  19.  The largest peninsula in the Arabian Peninsula.
  20.  The longest railway station is located in Japan.
  21. Tallest Lighthouse “Steel Marine Tower” is in
  22. Japan The reticulated python is the longest snake in the
  23. world.
  24.  Arango (Russia) is the largest natural gas reserved.
  25. The city which is the biggest center for
  26. the manufacture of automobiles in the world is
  27. Detroit, USA

Important Abbreviations For FPSC Competitive Exams

  1. VIP: Very Important Person.
  2. SHO: Station House Officer.
  3. BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation.
  4. CID: Criminal Investigation Department.
  5. CSP: Civil Service of Pakistan.
  6. CSS: Central Superior Services.
  7. FANA: Federally Administered Northern Areas.
  8. FATA: Federally Administered Tribal Areas.
  9. GDP: Gross Domestic Product.
  10. GHQ: General Head Quarter.
  11. FIR: First Information Report.
  12. IBM: International Business Machines.
  13. ISPR: Inter-Services Public Relations.
  14. ISSB: Inter Services Selection Board.
  15. NOC: No Objection Certificate.
  16. OIC: Organization of the Islamic Conference.
  17. PCS: Public Srrvice Commission.
  18. SAARC: South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation.
  19. SSG: Special Services Group.
  20. UNICEF: United Nation International Children Emergency Fund.
  21. WASA: Water and Sanitation Agency.
  22. ISAF: International Security Association Force.
  23. LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
  24. CNG: Compressed Natural Gas.
  25. ECG: Electrocardiography.
  26. RAM: Random Access Memory.
  27. LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
  28. RADAR: Radio Detection and Ranging.
  29. AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
  30. WWW: World Wide Web.
  31. DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
  32. SONAR: Sound Navigation and Ranging.
  33. CPU: Central Processing Unit.
  34. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display.
  35. kHz: Kilohertz.
  36. KV: Kilo Volt.
  37. NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority.
  38. LED: Light Emitting Diode.
  39. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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    Top 150 General Knowledge…

    Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Questions & Answer About Pakistan Top 150 General Knowledge MCQs Question and Answer for all competitive Tests like FPSC, NTS, OTS, CTS, etc.  These are the most repeated MCQs Questions. First State to join Pakistan was? Bahawalpur, 1654 Pakistan Opened its first embassy? Iran The first country that open its embassy in Pakistan was? Egypt First Governer of State Bank of Pakistan was? Zahid Hussain First Country who recognized Pakistan was? Iran Who was the first lady federal minister? Vikram Nisa Noor (Tourism Minister) Who was the first Lady Governer? Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1676 Pakistan Cricket Team first visited Country? England Who was the first Pakistan Circlet Team Captain? Abdul Hafeez Kardar First Century by Pakistan Player? Nazar Muhammad Against India in 1954 at Lucknow First, women Univerity is located? Rawalpindi Who was the First Governor of Pakistan? Francis Moody First CM of Punjab was? Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot Who was the First Governor of Sindh? Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah First CM of Sindh was? Ayub Khoro First Governer of Baluchistan was? Lt General Riaz Hussain First CM of Sindh Baluchistan was? Ataullah Mengal First PM of Azad Kashmir was? Abdul Hamid Khan First President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir AJK was? Sardar Ibrahim Khan First Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan was? Frank Miservi First Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee was? General Muhammad Sharif First Chief of..

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    Mar 26, 2020
    50 Most Repeated MCQs…

    50 Most Repeated MCQs in FPSC NTS PPSC Exams about Mughal Empire 50 Most Repeated MCQs in FPSC NTS PPSC Exams about Mughal Empire. A list of Pakistan History Most Repeated MCQs Questions for NTS FPCS PPCS OTS and other Testing Services in Pakistan. Who was the founder of Mughal Empire? Babur was the Founder of Mughal Empire. When  was First Battle of Panipat fought? Panipat Battle was fought in 1526 Who defeated Mewar of Rana Sangha in the Battle of Khanwa(1527)? Babur Who fought against Babur in the Battle of Ghaghra(1529)? Muhammad Lodhi When did Babur died? In 1530 Where is the Tomb of Bab situated? Kabul In the Battle of Dhurai, who is defeated by Humayun? Muhuammad Slodhi Who built City of Dinpannah on tte “Purna Quila” in Gujrat? Humayun Who defeated Humayun in the Battle of Causa? Sheshah Suri 1539 When did Shershah defeated Humayun in the bttle of Kanauj? In 1540 Who is the father of Akbar? Humayun When was Second Battle of Panipat? In the of  1556 Who is defeated in the second battle of Panipat? Hemu is defeated by Akbar Who abolished the religious tax Jaziya? Akbar in the year 1564 When did Akbar captured Gujrat? In the year 1572 Who built the city Fatehpur Sikri (city of Victory)? Akbar Who built Buland Darwaza? Akbar Where is Ibadatkhna situated? Fatehpur Sikri Who is First..

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    Feb 28, 2020
    1000+ List of Most…

    1000+ List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers 2020 In this Blog Post, we are going to walk you through 1000+ Most Repeated MCQs with Answers which helps you to prepare for the Latest Government Jobs Test and Interviews. [caption id="attachment_2954" align="alignleft" width="300"] Most Repeated MCQs With answer 2020[/caption] The actual problem starts for students(Job Seekers) after completing Higher .Hundreds of Gradutes , Masters, MPhill's & even PHD's are distressed because of non availability of Jobs in the market. Kinds of Jobs Availbale in Pakistan Government JObs/Public Sectors Private Jobs Project Based Jobs We cannot give you any job here. But we can help you in differnet aspects. Our Moto is to provide the best resources which help you out to success in Job Entry Exams.  In this Article I will walk you through the List of Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers of 2020.  TIPS: Try to prepare al the given MCQs for any job test conducted by NTS, OTS, PTS, CTS. Most Repeated NTS Test MCQs with Answers 2020 Whayt is the old name of Muzaffargahd? A: Khan Gadh What is the old name of Mangchar? A: Khaliq Abad Old name of Karachi? A: Kolachi Old name of Lahore is? A: MehmoodPur Old name of Faisalabad is? A: LayalPur Old name of Hydrabad is? A: Neeron Kot Old name of Quetta is? A: Sialkot Old..

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